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Yerba Mate


Mate is a traditional South American beverage, particularly popular in Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, and southern Brazil. It's made by steeping the leaves of the yerba mate plant in hot water.

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Here's how to prepare an Argentine mate:

  1. Choose a container called a "calebasse" or "mate": Typically, it's a small gourd or a vessel made of wood, metal, or ceramic. Traditionally, mate is consumed from a gourd, but you can also use a cup or a glass.

  2. Fill it halfway with yerba mate: Place the yerba mate in the container, tilting it slightly to form a mound on the opposite side where you'll insert the bombilla (the filtering straw).

  3. Insert the bombilla: The bombilla is a metal straw with a filter at one end to prevent sucking up the mate leaves. Insert it into the yerba mate, on the side where the mound of yerba is.

  4. Pour hot water (but not boiling): Fill the container with hot water at a temperature of about 70-80°C (160-180°F). It's important not to use boiling water as it could scorch the mate leaves and alter the taste of the beverage.

  5. Enjoy: Once water has been added, the mate is ready to be enjoyed. Drink it by taking small sips through the bombilla. You can add more hot water to the mate multiple times until you feel the flavor of the yerba mate has been exhausted.

Why buy mate? Well, it depends on your personal preferences. Some people appreciate mate for its unique and slightly bitter taste, as well as for its stimulating properties due to caffeine and other compounds present in yerba mate. Additionally, mate is often considered a social beverage, fostering gatherings and conversations among friends or family. If you enjoy exploring new cultures and traditions, trying mate can be an interesting experience.

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